Advanced Tools to Personalize Your Experience


You can easily personalize your digital banking for an improved experience. Your account dashboard allows you to drag and drop account tiles to keep what’s important to you front and center.


Money Manager allows you to connect deposit accounts, loans, retirement accounts and credit cards from other financial institutions so you can view your total financial picture all from one place so you can get a better understanding of your net worth, total cash flow, and even generate a budget to fit your financial needs.


You can easily set up recurring transfers and payments. With digital banking, you’ll have more tools than ever to help you save time.

Enhanced Security for Your Protection

Digital Banking has added features for an even more secure banking experience online.


When logging in you'll be asked to enter your user ID and password, along with a secure access code. Your secure access code will be delivered to you based on the secure delivery option you choose – phone call, text, or email. This code will only be delivered to the contact information we have on file for your account. You can choose an option to "register this device" and you won't be prompted for this code again, unless you log in from a different device, or clear your local cache that stores these settings.


You can set up customized balance and transaction alerts. Get notified when a check clears or if your account balance dips below a certain amount. You can even set up recurring reminders so you never forget when an annual bill is going to hit your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Banking

If I have multiple Online Banking accounts will I have to log in to each account with the usernames and passwords for each account separately?

You can sign into multiple user profiles and quickly switch between them using a PIN instead of entering a username and password. If you add more profiles to your mobile app, you will need to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for each of them.

How do I add additional login profiles to my mobile app?

  1. From the top of the menu bar press the person icon next to your profile name.
  2. Select Add profile.
  3. Sign in to the second profile.
  4. If prompted, answer the security question. If not, continue to the next step.
  5. If prompted, complete the profile information in the form, and then select Done.
  6. Enter a PIN for the new profile.
  7. Confirm the PIN for the new profile.

How do I switch between profiles on my mobile app?

  1. From the top of the menu bar press the switch icon next to your profile name.
  2. Select the profile you wish to log into.
  3. Enter the PIN or use the fingerprint authentication if prompted.

What should I do if I did not receive a verification code to continue with the two-factor authentication enrollment?

Some phones may block a the text code or phone call since it is coming from an unknown number.  If the phone number is correct, click "Try Another Way" under the verification code box then select the other option.  If the it needs to be changed, contact eServices 217.223.6480.

How much time do I have to enter the verification code?

Codes are valid for three to six minutes and will expire after that time.

Can I lock myself out from entering an incorrect verification code?

Yes, you can get locked out of the enrollment process if too many attempts are made with an incorrect verification code (more than six times in a single hour). There is no manual reset for this; you will need to wait an hour to try again following your first attempt. If you make more than 20 unsuccessful attempts in a 24-hour period, your login will be 'Suspended' and you will not be able to attempt again for 24 hours.

If I selected “Remember this computer,” why am I being asked for a verification code each time I log in?

There are several reasons you may be prompted for a verification code:

  • if you log in on different browsers
  • if you deleted your browser history
  • if you have your browser settings set to delete your cookies and history automatically

Can I receive the two-factor authentication verification code via email?

No, this option is not available. The code can be received using one of the following options:

  • Text message
  • Phone call
  • Authy App (A third-party app that generates a one-time passcode. To register you will need an email address and phone number.)

How can I reset my two-factor authentication enrollment?

You can reset your own two-factor authentication enrollment in both the app and online by going to your Profile page, then select ‘Security’ within the ‘Settings’ area. Or contact eServices 217.223.6480 for help resetting it.

How do I set up an account alert?

Select the account you would like to add an alert to and then select “Alert preferences.” You may set up balance or transaction alerts based on low or high thresholds. You may choose to receive alerts by email, text or within the app.

Can I view my statements?

Yes. To view your statements, choose the account you’d like to review and select “Statements.” If you are currently not signed up to receive statements, you have the option to enroll at the top of the screen.

How do I transfer money between my accounts?

Select the Transfer icon. Then choose the account you want to transfer From and To. Eligible internal and external accounts will be listed. Transfers completed after 6:00pm will be processed on the next business day.

How do I make a loan payment?

Select the Transfer icon and choose the checking or savings account you want to make your payment from. Then select your loan account to transfer to. To schedule a recurring payment, select “More Options” to schedule frequency and date. Transfers completed after 6:00pm will be processed on the next business day.

How can I view an estimated payoff for my loan?

An estimated payoff is shown in the Account Details. This payoff estimate may not include additional fees and other charges that have accrued, such as escrow. For a final payoff amount, please contact us 217.223.6480.

What happens if I lose my phone or device?

For security purposes, your account data is not stored on your phone. Your information cannot be retrieved. We recommend to also notify eServices, 217.223.6480.

Does State Street Bank offer connections with Intuit financial software, Quicken and QuickBooks?

Yes, if enrolled for Digital Banking, you can connect to your personal accounts through Quicken financial management software—or if you are a business, through QuickBooks account management software.