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Using Chip Cards

Insert the chip

More secure than ever: chip-enabled cards

Shop worry-free with our new chip-enabled cards. Using the newest industry standards in encryption, these cards increase the security of every purchase you make at a chip-enabled terminal, and more terminals are appearing in retailers every day.

Enhanced fraud protection

When used in a chip-enabled terminal, the chip embedded in your card generates a unique code for every transaction, to prevent your card information from being compromised.

Using your card

Simply insert your card into a chip-enabled terminal and follow the instructions to approve your purchase. If a merchant does not have a chip-reading terminal, your card still features a magnetic stripe for you to swipe. Online and phone purchases will work the same as they have in the past.


Frequently Asked Questions


Stay informed about your finances.

What is EMV?

An EMV chip is a small microchip embedded in your credit card. Not all credit cards have EMV chips, but issuers will be strongly incentivized to issue cards with chips by October 2015, when a liability shift for fraudulent transactions will occur.

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What is a credit card?

A credit card looks just like a debit card. However, instead of having the funds removed directly from your checking account when you make a purchase, you’ll essentially take on a short-term loan. This loan may or may not accrue interest, depending

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Difference between secured and unsecured credit cards

There are two primary types of credit cards — secured and unsecured. Secured credit cards are backed by a cash deposit, generally equal to the card’s limit. This acts as collateral and removes the risk of nonpayment for the card issuer.

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