Merchant Card Processing

We Are Here For Your Payment Needs.

We have partnered with Fitech Payments to ensure that you have the highest level of support and service available for both you and your customers.

Whether you have a restaurant, a food truck, or an Etsy storefront, we offer a solution to simplify your payment procedures. Outfit your business with the best payment processing service to maximize your bottom line.

All businesses need a fast, dependable, and secure way to process transactions. With Fitech Payments offered through State Street Bank, you can operate efficiently and securely with more simple checkouts to mobile and wireless transactions.

Your business has the flexibility to operate in-store, online, or on the go, catering to the payment preferences of your customers. This includes diversified forms of payment, like digital wallets, EMV chip cards, recurring payments, integrated payments and batch processing.


Accept payments in-store and offer customers the option to pay how they prefer. We offer solutions that use the latest technology so you can accept various payment types, including chip cards, contactless, and digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Pay Online

Sell your products and services online so your customers can make purchases anytime, from anywhere they have internet access. There is no easier, more affordable option for online success.


Process checks with traditional paper transactions or electronically. Our cost-effective products are customized to fit your specific needs.

Next Day Funding

Get quicker access to your hard-earned money with next day funding. Our dependable solution allows your funds to be accessible the next day.


Take your business wherever you go with our mobile payment solution. Securely accept debit and credit transactions – including chip cards – through your mobile device or tablet.

Digital Wallet

Offer a speedy and secure checkout by accepting Apple Pay and Android Pay. Our terminals use NFC technology to accept the latest digital wallets without collecting any transaction information and maintaining cardholder data security.


We offer robust reporting features and easy navigation. Want a detailed account of all your activity? It’s at your fingertips, down to each individual transaction with advanced encryption to keep sensitive data safe and provide peace of mind.

For information regarding Merchant Card Processing, please contact us.