How to Make a Loan Payment

Make a One-Time Payment with Checking  Make a One-Time Payment with Debit Card Enroll in Recurring ACH

We understand having options that fit your needs and preferences is important. That’s why we offer several ways to make your loan payment:

If your deposit accounts are with State Street Bank:

  • Automated Funds Transfer (AFT) –Set up your loan payments to be automatically transferred from your deposit account to your loan each month. Contact the bank to enroll.
  • Online Banking - If you have a checking account with us, you can use our online banking to transfer your payments monthly or set up automatic recurring transfers.
  • By Check – You can mail a check to us each month or drop one off at any of our branches.


If your deposit accounts are with another financial institution:

  • Recurring ACH – Sign up for your payments to be automatically deducted from your checking/saving account each month.  Click here to enroll.
  • Check Payment – You can mail a check to us each month or drop one off at any of our branches.
  • Expedited One-Time Online Payment- Submit a quick and easy one-time payment on our website.
    • Pay w/ Checking: Use Checking
    • Pay w/ Debit Card: Use Debit Card
    • ***Effective April 1, 2019 a $3.00 processing fee will be charged for each loan payment submitted using One-Time Online Loan Payment.***
  • Expedited One-Time Phone Payment Phone - We can take your banking account information over the phone and electronically deduct your payment.  There is a $5 processing fee associated with this method.
    • ***Effective April 1, 2019 Loan Payment By Phone processing fee will be $10.00.***