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Report a lost or stolen card, 1-800-383-8000.


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  • Available with any State Street Bank checking account
  • No annual fees
  • Get funds from both checking and savings at ATMs
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Use it like a credit card
  • Added security with customized PIN
  • Easier than writing a check

Register your debit card for Brella™, and take advantage of its security features for your debit card. Download the app from your smart phone's app store by searching Brella™, or click Enroll to sign up from your computer.

Set up alerts for your debit card transactions:
  • Over a set amount (set amount threshold)
  • Completed over the Internet or phone
  • Outside of the U.S.
  • Use Transaction Control to block or unblock a card without interfering with pending transactions

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  • Use your State Street Bank debit card with the push of a button on your mobile phone.
  • To add your card to your phone's mobile wallet, simply locate the Wallet app on your phone, and follow the instructions for adding your card to the app.

Real-time fraud monitoring

Report a lost or stolen card, 1-800-383-8000.


Automatic updates of debit card information to participating merchants when the expiration date changes.


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An EMV chip is a small microchip embedded in your debit/credit card.

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