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Better Interest

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Simply Checking

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Senior Checking

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Interest Checking

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  • Earn up to 2.00% Annual Percentage Yield i
  • No monthly fees or monthly balance requirements
  • Access to Nationwide ATM’s


  • No Monthly Service Fee  i
  • No Minimum Balance  i


  • For our 55 years and better customers
  • No minimum balance.
  • No monthly fee


  • Earns interest on collected balances $1,000 and over
  • $7 monthly service fee waived when $1,000 balance is maintained


  Nationwide ATM
fee refunds

Service Fee

Bill Pay Free Check
Minimum Deposit
to Open
Better Interest $0   $100
Simply   $0   $100
Senior   $0 $100
Interest   $7   $1,000
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