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Customer Comments

"SSB is "hometown" and has friendly service." E. H.

"We have been very pleased with the service we are receiving." Carolyn W.

"Dependable home town bank." Mary S.

"I like the convenience of the online banking. Even when I go into the bank everyone is friendly and helpful." Sherry Z.

"I am a big fan of the interest bearing checking account with no minimums. Plus, I like the fact that you are a local bank." Nick H.

"I love the 24th St. crew and the rest o f the staff are GREAT!" Lisa D.

I bank a lot at the 24th St. location. The service I receive exemplifies character by one and all that work there. I find it a pleasure to conduct business with you." Thom P.

"I think you guys do a good job and are very helpful." Phyllis C.

"Great customer service to everyone, smiling faces and always courteous. A friendly place to do financial business." Bobbie R.

"Great bank for us for over 34 years! It covers all of our needs!" Mike and Pam N.

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