Additional Services

Safe Deposit Boxes

Rent a safe deposit box to safeguard important documents and valuable personal belongings. Pay a low annual fee and choose from a variety of sizes. Private rooms are available for content review.


Insta-Cash provides overdraft protection for your SSB checking account. Consider it a revolving line of credit that's activated by writing a check. Repay funds in monthly installments, and build up your reserve for use as needed.

Drive-Up Banking

See our friendly tellers and bank from your car. Drive-up banking is available at three of our four locations.

Automatic Funds Transfer

Transfer funds electronically with AFT. Use it as an alternative to writing checks, and conveniently make payments.

Automatic Account Sweep Program

Instead of overdrawing your account use the Automatic Sweep Program to transfer from your other SSB accounts to cover overdrafts. Contact a CSR to sign up.

Direct Deposit

You don't need to memorize your account number or fill out a deposit slip with this service. Direct deposit makes it possible to receive payments electronically.

Savings Bonds

Starting Dec 31, 2011 savings bonds will only be available for purchase online by visiting Why The US Treasury Department made the decision to end sales of paper savings bonds? To save us, the taxpayers, an estimated $70 million over the next five years! Don't worry though, you can still redeem paper bonds at all of our locations.

Click here for some answers to frequently asked questions or you can visit for more information, or give us a call – we are happy to help!